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Red Bay Baptist Church
Red Bay Baptist Church
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Red Bay Baptist Church

On February 22, we visited Red Bay Baptist Church (Florida). Pastor Rodney Infinger and the congregation welcomed us enthusiastically. Pastor Infinger graciously yielded the pulpit for the entire service. The folks were engaged and attentive. Following the worship service, we were treated to a genuine, old-fashioned, everything-was-homemade dinner. Years ago, it would have been dinner on the grounds. It was, instead, dinner in the fellowship hall. The food reminded me of my childhood. The accommodations did not. Sitting comfortably in a chair inside a warm building made the culinary visit to the good old days even better. Did I mention how good the food was? Peas, rutabagas, deviled eggs, greens, corn bread. Fried chicken? Of course! Are you hungry yet?

We were gratified by the many who came by to view the display, give encouragement, and ask questions. Our thanks for the kind smiles, generous donations, and especially for those who committed to pray for and with us.

What a contrast we encountered. We enjoyed the meal described above just after we shared the famine of the Word of God suffered by the Ayacucho Quechua. Although nominally Christian, their belief system is in reality a syncretic blend of Catholicism and traditional animism. As far as religions go, theirs is as good as any, since no religion will save from sin. Only a relationship with Jesus Christ can free a sinner from the shame, fear and guilt of sin.

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