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Northside Baptist Church
Northside Baptist Church
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Northside Baptist Church

On February 8, 2015 we had the privilege of presenting an update to Northside Baptist Church, which is our first church sponsor, located in Ponce de Leon, FL. Thank you to Northside Baptist Church for being the mission–minded church you are! NBC spends 23% of its budget on missions, including 2% devoted to work in Peru, through Más Que.

We greatly appreciate Northside Baptist Church and Pastor Ken Harrison for allowing us to give a report on Missions College and an update on Más Que. Pastor Harrison was so gracious to allow us to take the entire evening service. Brother Ken is quick to give, reluctant to take; ready to help, reluctant to assign.

We welcomed two new members to Más Que! We are excited to have them joining the effort to take the Gospel to the Ayacucho Quechua.

Thank you again Northside Baptist Church for your ongoing prayers and support!

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