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Missions Conference at BCF
Missions Conference at BCF
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Missions Conference at BCF

posterWhat a blessing! Hearing amazing sermons by John Brady, speaking with passionate students, topped off by the privilege of meeting Dr. Elligson.

It is impossible to adequately express our appreciation to the BCF staff. Thank you so much for your hospitality.

And Dr. Elligson helped Más Que more than he could possibly know. His enthusiasm and encouragement is priceless. What a heart for missions.

And I haven’t even told the good stuff yet. We had 20 people ask for more information, including at least two who indicated they are praying about going as missionaries to Chaviña.

We also were visited by two students who had worked in Chaviña last summer. It was great to share experiences and compare notes.

This was our first but, absent the trumpet call, certainly not our last, missions conference.

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