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About Más Que
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About Más Que

On the way to Chavina

Más Que is a Florida non-profit corporation. Since Más Que is a non-profit corporation, there are no shareholders, and no owners of any kind. Other than the missionary couple, once called, no salaries will be paid out. In fact, in order to be a part of Más Que, you have to pay in. Memberships in Más Que are $100 per year. Full-time Student Memberships are $25 per year. Memberships paid in the months of October – December will be effective through the following year. Más Que is governed by the members through the Board of Directors acting under the authority of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. These documents limit the activities in which Más Que can engage generally to those allowable under 501 (c) (3), and, specifically, to establishing and supporting missionaries.

“Más Que” means “More Than” in English. The entire declaration is: Más que yo. Más que la vida. Más que todo. Jesucristo. In English: More than me. More than life. More than everything. Jesus Christ. This summarizes our heart cry. Our dream, our desire is to see Jesus glorified. We praise Him, and thank Him that He has allowed us to participate in His kingdom work.

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